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More About Pegasus Technologies

What is Pegasus Technologies?

Pegasus Technologies, Inc. is an independent RF and advanced digital electronics design consultancy dedicated to helping clients design and develop new wireless designs, circuits, and systems. We specialize in providing innovative engineering solutions for today's RF, wireless and Spread Spectrum needs. We also offer complete, customizable RF modules that can simplify putting wireless into your designs. Our designs utilize state of the art RFIC and ASIC technology along with the newest computer technologies and computer programming techniques. The firm is also expert in analyzing and troubleshooting existing client designs.

We concentrate our efforts in the areas of wireless design, spread spectrum circuits and systems, rf design, microwave, Bluetooth and Zigbee applications, and FCC Part 15 unlicensed products. We assist clients in other areas as well, including circuit board layout, firmware, software, technology evaluation, simulation, technical writing, wireless and GPS applications, spread spectrum technology,and training. One of our specialties is in the area of RF controllers for cyclotrons. Click the link for more on this specialty!

Pegasus Technologies, Inc. started in 1996 as a subsidiary of Pegasus Consulting Corporation. We incorporated as a separate entity in 2002. Pegasus Technologies' President, Jim Pearce, PE (Inactive) has a BSEE and a Masters of Electrical Engineering from Cornell University, and more than 35 years of experience in the areas of wireless, RF, spread spectrum, microwave, GPS, microprocessor, digital logic, software and firmware design, and analog circuit and system design and development. A number of his designs have won major design awards.

In addition to Jim, Pegasus Technologies utilizes a number of other full and part-time employees and associates to provide additional expertise and added capabilities. Our staff and associates are senior design/firmware engineers with extensive experience in product design and development.

How much or how little money you spend on a project is not the point; what is important is solving your engineering / technology problems quickly and cost-effectively — and helping clients to achieve their goals cost-effectively is the primary aim of Pegasus Technologies. Another advantage of dealing with Pegasus is that your company is assured complete security and confidentiality. Unlike some of the "giant" companies around today with hundreds of employees and miscellaneous independent contractors strung out over many locations, our small staff is located in one place and is dedicated to working on client projects with no need to go public with any information.

What kind of work do we do?

This is not a simple question to answer, since the range of our work has been extremely broad. We can work with you to incorporate one of our already-developed RF modules into your design and customize it as necessary to fit your proposed application. We also offer complete custom design and development services; consulting on an hourly, daily, or retainer basis; assisting clients in solving problems with their own wireless or analog designs or with designs they have purchased from others; and producing circuit board layouts on very short notice. Work can be performed at Pegasus's facilities or anywhere in the world the client needs assistance. A summary of some of the services that are offered to clients is given below.
  • Custom circuit design and development
  • Sales of RF modules, assistance in integrating these modules into your project, and customization of the modules' hardware/firmware to fit your application
  • Fully equipped wireless, rf, digital and analog laboratory
  • Circuit board layout using ORCAD Layout
  • Wireless, RF, and spread spectrum design
  • Digital and Analog circuit design and development
  • Software / firmware development
  • Simulation, modeling and analysis
  • Prototype design and development
  • Spread Spectrum systems
  • Antenna design and development
  • Synthesizer and PLL (phase locked loop) design and development
  • Transmitter design and development
  • Receiver design and development
  • Amplifier design and development
  • DSP design
  • We are a member of the Texas Instruments' Low Power RF developer's network
  • In conjunction with our subsidiary, Design Sources, we offer Design Bureau capability using Cadence Allegro software
  • Design Sources also offers Design Bureau services with Altium Designer Software with Extended Feature Set

But I don't have a giant project — I just need advice, an opinion, or design help and guidance. Can Pegasus Technologies help?

As you know, there are many huge electronics companies in the world. And, most of them will not give you the time of day unless you have a six or seven figure job. That is not the case with Pegasus Technologies. Many of the jobs we do range from a couple of thousand dollars to several tens of thousands of dollars. A few have only been a few hundred dollars. Some projects do reach six figures, especially those that involve long-term consulting arrangements. In other words, even if you just need a simple circuit board layout (especially if you needed it yesterday), or you just need a few hours of research or simulation, or you want an independent opinion on something, Pegasus Technologies is here to serve you. Also, since we have a large stock of test equipment, computers, and software, your own facilities are not tied up when you use our services. If your company does not deal with electronics extensively, you may not have a full-service electronics laboratory suitable for performing wireless, RF, or microwave design. In this case, you can save an enormous amount of money by using Pegasus Technologies' services.

If you would like further information, please see our staff resumes or the Pegasus Technologies capabilities brochure.

How can I reach Pegasus Technologies?

Phone (865) 717-9339, fax 865-717-9904 or e-mail

If you're too busy to jot down this information, first, add Pegasus Technologies to your hotlist so you can come back here easily, then just click and you can automatically send a message to us.

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