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In an April 1996 opinion article in, "Broadband's Present Sense", Michael Arellano, the Contributing Editor of CMP Net, stated:
"The promise of the full-service network, delivering high-speed interactive voice, data, and video services into every U.S. home, has rapidly devolved into a patchwork of alternative technologies for often less ambitious networks. Wireless broadband networks for one-way video services and Internet access over enhanced copper wires are now the telephone companies' main service strategies . . ."
This is still true today, more than 12 years later. The patchwork of technologies now includes Bluetooth and 802.11, zigbee, UWB and others as additional entries into the wireless field, all locked in competition for the wireless market. None of these technologies has emerged yet as the definitive answer -- and we still mainly have just plain vanilla RADIO technology. For more information see CTIA's articles: "How Wireless Technology Works" and "Wireless Data Primer".

So have we really advanced much from the 1920's when "Wireless" was new? Yes! Among other areas, wireless Local Area Networks have certainly advanced -- download an Adobe Acrobat (.pdf) version -- (~655K) of WLANA's article, "What is a Wireless LAN".

Other new Wireless Systems have gained wider consumer acceptance -- most especially high speed wireless internet access, which is changing the face of the world. Still, to many consumers, Wireless is just a cellular or cordless telephone -- But we know better -- don't we? Please explore the links and topics below to gain a more complete understanding of today's World of Wireless!

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