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Spread Spectrum Scene 

Radio Frequency STUFF

Welcome to the Spread Spectrum Scene Online RF STUFF area. We are here to help you solve Wireless Problems! On this page, we provide a number of astoundingly practical links related to RF. Why not try a few?

Page Contents

Interesting and Useful RF Links
Recommended RF Books
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Interesting & Useful RF Links
"Connecting electronics engineers to product news 24 hours a day" -- Lots of design info and reference material for RF engineers.
WSD Magazine: The Wireless Engineering Center
More information and resources for RF / microwave / wireless engineers.
Taming Nonlinear Transmission Lines
Nice November 1997 article on transmission lines, reflections, and matching.
Why are antennas built to look like they do?
Interesting background article on various antennas.
B&B Electronics RS-422 / RS-485 App. Note
GREAT Serial Data Communication Information / Tutorial.
SSS Online's Free S/W
Shareware S/W Downloads (many on RF Subjects) -- right here!
Wenzel Associates Technical Library
Great articles by precision crystal oscillator vendor.
The Radio Frequency Spectrum
A nice spectrum chart in HTML format.
General Tesla Coil Plans
Nice graphical intro to TESLA Coils.
The Tesla Coil Web Ring home page, with gazillions of links to various coil sites.
Nikola Tesla
Biographical information on the great inventor.
PBS program and info on Nikola Tesla
Website of the Tesla Memorial Society of New York
Important documents and photos of Tesla and other famous and interesting people.
Nikola Tesla Patents
Tesla's 300 patents are presented on this interesting page (pdf, 310k).
Circuits in the E.E. Circuits Archive
Schematics of low power transmitters and lots of electronics projects.
The FCC's "Interference to Home Electronic Entertainment Equipment Handbook."
A very good first reference on combatting RFI, EMI and TVI.
How does a long distance receiver work?
Great tutorial on HF radio receivers -- with lots of good graphics.
The Gain of the Axial-Mode Helix Antenna
Nice article on the common Helix type of antenna -- with nomographs for gian, beamwidth, etc.
Max/Min sky temperatures. Solar emission.
Radio Sky Noise plot versus frequency -- very interesting!
Receiving the Mars Global Surveyor Relay using Phase Referencing for High Frequency Resolution
How to receive a VERY WEAK signal using a 0.013 Hz bandwidth with PC & sound card!
Sun Sensor for Aligning Satellite Antennas
Neat "How-to" article on aligning antenna pointing devices using the sun.
The Gain of an Endfire Array
Another nice antenna article with nomographs & field plots -- read about "supergain" antennas.
Radio Frequency Data Communications (Overview)
Background & tutorial on RF Data Communications.
Checklist for Evaluating RFDC Systems
Basic information needed for RF Data Communications system comparisons.

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  Reference Books on RF Available for Purchase

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Wizard: The Life and Times of Nikola Tesla : Biography of a Genius, by Marc J. Seifer. Hardcover, 542 pages (1998).


Nikola Tesla: the Genius who Lit the World, directed by Eduard Galic. DVD - 60 minutes (December 2003).


Analog Circuit Design : RF Analog-To-Digital Converters; Sensor and Actuator Interfaces; Low-Noise Oscillators, Plls and Synthesizers, by Rudy J. Van De Plassche (Editor), et al. Hardcover (1997).


Complete RF Technician's Handbook, \by Cotter W. Sayre. Paperback - 380 pages 2nd edition (July 1998).


Rf Circuit Design, by Christopher Bowick. Paperback - 176 pages Reprint edition (March 1997).


Rf Microelectronics (Prentice Hall Communications Engineering and Emerging Technologies Series). by Behzad Razavi or Razavi Behzad. Hardcover - 335 pages (November 1997).

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